Our pastor

Hugh Hollowell is the pastor of Open Door Mennonite Church. He served as Community Pastor between 2018 and 2023, when he was called by the congregation to be the senior pastor. Before coming to Open Door, he was the pastor of Love Wins Ministries in Raleigh, NC.

Hugh came to be a Mennonite in adulthood, lured in by hospitality, peacemaking, and potluck dinners. He is an active writer and speaker on issues of race, justice, and poverty, with his work being featured in places like The Washington Post and Sojourners. Hugh also serves on the board of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Central States Region.

His outside interests include gardening, cooking, and reading pulp fiction from the 1920’s. He is married to Renee, and they live in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson with two cats and five chickens.

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